Handling the Social Media Burnout

27 Jul

I just came across an e-release with 7 Tips for Avoiding the Social Media Burnout. I was able to relate to this article because finding time to maintain my social media sites is sometimes difficult. The world of social media is fast-paced and it’s important to stay focused so that “burnouts” don’t happen. The article lists seven steps to take in order to avoid turning off the social media light all together. Here are a few of the steps that I find most important.

(Image from German-Jordanian University)

The first good tip is essentially making sure your social media usage is goal-oriented. It’s easy to distracted with social media because there is a spectrum of diversions eagerly awaiting your time and attention. Remembering to stay focused on your goal can help save time and energy.

A second good tip is scheduling time for social media usage. It is extremely easy to unknowingly kill several hours while browsing social media sites. It’s a good idea to allot a certain time each day for social media so that time is not wasted and is used most effectively.

The last good tip is “handling criticism with class.” Remember that social media sites are seen by all and sometimes people just don’t share the same opinions as you. Your reaction to negativity can detour your audience from continuing to contribute to your conversation. One thing to add to this is don’t let negativity detour you from contributing to the conversation. There can be lessons learned from negative feedback, and in my opinion, any feedback is good feedback.


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