Back off, bully!

1 Jun

After the six-month hiatus I took from updating my PR blog, I can’t help but comment on the “That’s Not Cool” campaign that has blasted itself into my periphery.

Callout Card from That's Not Cool

Callout Card from That's Not Cool

I check Google news multiple times per day, just to keep updated on certain stories, worldly news… whatnot. I’ve noticed an increase in stories covering teen bullying, harassment and other punishable offences which, sadly enough, are caused by American adolescents. With the rise in what we could collectively title “bullying,” I have also noticed a campaign to combat these instances, and most importantly to educate America’s youth on boundaries.

The “That’s Not Cool” campaign educates on topics such as “textual harassment, ” “privacy problems,” “rumors,” and other similar problems plaguing high schools. The capabilities of cell phone technology and the increasing use of social media have created a whole new array of problems for teenagers today. Instead of being shoved into lockers, some teens are having nude pictures of themselves texted throughout entire high school populations, a new phenomena also known as “sexting.” This kind of humiliation is causing irreversible damage to the esteem of some teens, and in some cases, even suicide.

The Web site for this campaign also has many other callout cards with hopefully “sticky” lessons to be learned by teens today.


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