Celebrity PR: How much is too much information?

1 Nov

Have you ever felt as if some celebrity gossip was just too much information? For individuals under constant public scrutiny, it is important that simple interviews and public statements do not include information that can damage their reputation.

As a avid scourer of the daily headlines, I am curious as to why some celebrities feel the need to jon-kate-gosselin-divorcemake so many aspects of their private lives public. Although I realize that any press is good press, I am confused as to why celebrities want to jeopardize their reputations by making public statements about their divorces and intimate relationships. One couple really comes to mind with this subject. We’ve all seen Jon and Kate Gosselin plastered on headlines and magazine covers. Both Jon and Kate have done countless interviews for tabloids commenting on their marriage, alleged affairs and family. With all of the new publicity, the couple went from America’s favorite family to D-list pariahs within months. Seeing them appear daily headlines only makes me wonder if the content of their continuous interviews is what turned their reputation sour.

Making too many public appearances on a particular story can also damage reputations. The story of Mackenzie Phillips’ incestual relationship with her father came as a shock to the public. People felt intrigue in her story, but when she appeared in several high profile interviews, some felt as if her “brave confession” was only a publicity stunt to sell books.

If celebrities want to continue to be respected in the public eye, they should be very careful with the nature of the information they share about their personal lives.


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