Better late than never

19 Oct

Since the start of my fifth fall term at the University of Oregon, I’ve been contemplating my inevitable plunge into the social media spectrum. Now, three weeks into it, I’ve decided to take a dive into my first unnerving task: the blog.

The public relations scene has developed into an online frenzy of activity with building connections, posting opinions and keeping in contact. This is something completelIMG_3257y new to me, and I’ve decided to embrace it. Although I am new to social media, I’m becoming more and more intrigued with what it offers to public relations and to the practitioner.

I’ve had experience doing public relations for the campus magazine, Ethos, helping with events and fundraisers to support the non-profit magazine. My spare time activities include seeing the world and broadening my perspective.

This blog is geared towards anyone and everyone interested in public relations. My future posts will contain thoughts about current public relations events and topics discussed in my public relations classes. This is the start of my entrance into the blogosphere, and I am excited to see what it has to offer.


One Response to “Better late than never”

  1. Galen February 3, 2010 at 1:58 pm #

    Nice works I read all three. Good job!!

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